Jetson Aero, the Swedish personal electric aerial vehicle manufacturer, has already sold out of its entire planned production fleet for 2022; over one hundred additional sales have already been confirmed for its vehicles to be completed and delivered in 2023.

Jetson has employed the pre-sales as a method of crowdfunding its production costs, and plans to also conduct it’s first round of external fund raising. “It is important for us to find the right investors now as we expand and grow our company. Jetson is looking globally for a company that shares our vision. We are at the forefront of a new industry. The skill set needed to lead in this industry is incredibly niche. As is the mindset and energy to be in a company that wants to shape the future.” said Tomasz Patan, co-founder and CTO.

Jetson also recently welcomed Swedish Silicon Valley entrepreneur Rikard Steiber as Senior Advisor and first external investor. Rikard Steiber will support Jetson in raising capital as the first round of external fundraising begins. “We are incredibly happy to have Swedish tech icon Rikard Steiber on board our project. We have a big challenge ahead of us, to finalise a production-ready Jetson ONE, and to prepare it for mass production in 2023. This is an incredibly exciting time for us but also for the EVTOL industry. ” said Peter Ternstrom co-founder and president.

The Jetson ONE is constructed of a lightweight aluminium space frame and carbon-kevlar composite body. It is powered by eight electric motors, has a flight time of 20 minutes, reaching a top speed of 102 kilometres per hour (63 miles per hour). It runs on a high discharge lithium-ion battery and can carry a pilot’s weight of 210 pounds 100kg. Read more about the vehicles’s technical specifications on the company’s website.

Why it’s important: Jetson is currently the only EVTOL company on the market that can provide a commercially available personal electric vehicle. The demand for the Jetson ONE has been phenomenal, supporting the company’s dream to ‘make everyone a pilot’. The price for the Jetson ONE is $92,000 with a $22,000 deposit, and the first buyers currently expect to receive their vehicles in the fall of this year.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz