President of Jaunt Air Mobility’s Canada division Eric Côté has been added to the board of Aéro Montréal, an organization dedicated to positioning Quebec as a forerunner in the advanced aerial mobility industry.

The mission of Aéro Montréal is to facilitate and provide all expertise and support that may be needed as companies in Montréal begin to develop aerial mobility vehicles and services. Through collaborating with government, infrastructure, and private stakeholders, Aéro Montréal’s board will provide assistance with research & collaborative innovation, investment & financing services, design, prototyping, testing, certification, manufacturing, sales, infrastructure & operation, and more.

Jaunt Air Mobility, which was originally creating vehicles for an Uber Elevate partnership, is now bringing to market an advanced electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, which uniquely features a single lift rotor for auto-rotation and to further stabilize flight and reduce noise emissions. Learn more about the Jaunt Journey aircraft here.

Eric Côté has been president of Jaunt Canada for several years, and now looks forward to additionally serving on the Aéro board to make eVTOL a reality in Quebec. Said Côté: “It is an honour to join Aéro Montréal’s board and contribute to bringing AAM to Quebec and the world. At Jaunt, we have committed to designing, building, and certifying the Jaunt Journey in Canada due to the support of organizations like Aéro Montreal, the government, and access to a strong aviation community.”

Said Mélanie Lussier, President of Aéro Montréal: “We have assembled an incredible pool of expertise to realize our vision of building Quebec’s reputation as a centre of excellence in AAM (Advanced Aerial Mobility). Eric’s global business experience and the company’s mission to develop an eVTOL here make him a very valuable asset.”

In-air rendering of the Jaunt Journey aircraft

Notably, Jaunt has also made entries into to other international markets to commercialize its aircraft and services. So far, it has begun creating partnerships in Italy, Mexico, India, South Korea, South America, and more.

Why it’s important: By partnering with aerial mobility leaders in Quebec, Jaunt can not only offer valuable insight and research to help the city develop this new industry, but also has well-positioned their aircraft to be one of the first to begin operating in the area. By serving on the Aéro Montréal board, Côté can help Quebec to develop aerial mobility support and infrastructure, helping the city to prepare for eVTOL services by Jaunt as well as other new companies.

Source // Jaunt Air Mobility


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