Jaunt Air Mobility and Walle announced that they have formed a partnership to provide advanced aerial mobility transit services in Italy. Furthermore, Walle plans to implement and operate this service by 2026, focusing on routes within 50 km. 

“Walle is a perfect strategic partner; our mission at Jaunt is to produce the safest and most efficient eVTOL on the market and work with operators around the world,” says Martin Peryea, CEO of Jaunt Air Mobility. “We feel confident in our ability to commercialize our aircraft by 2026. The unique configuration of combining a fixed-wing airplane and single slow-rotor technology gives us revolutionary performance and the highest level of safety amongst all the eVTOL contenders.”

Currently, Walle is working with the regulatory authorities and mapping out its first key routes for their aerial mobility service, including a route from Milan Airport to the city center of Milan, as well as one connecting the Port of Naples to Capri’s Island. Walle will also intends on providing their services for the Milano Cortina XXV Winter Olympics in 2026. 

Photograph: Jaunt Air Mobility

“Our goal is to change the future of mobility,” says Domenico Gagliardi, founder and CEO of Walle. “Italy, as in much of Europe, is challenged by the time it takes to travel from outside a city to an urban center, often costing two or more hours one way, and the problem is only growing. ‘Going Vertical’, – to the sky is the obvious answer. We believe the Jaunt Journey by Jaunt Air Mobility offers a solution that meets with our core values of providing a safe, comfortable, and ultra-quiet ride for passengers.”

“We see business travelers and tourists utilizing our services. Our focus is entirely on the customer experience and, we believe safety will be a key in the adoption of this form of transit. Because Jaunt offers patented safety features and the ability to meet commercial, regulatory requirements, success is just around the corner,” stated Marco Pugliese, COO at Walle.

Why it’s important: Walle Mobility is the first Italian startup focused on the aerial mobility market. By partnering with Jaunt Air Mobility, both companies gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. 

Source // Jaunt Air Mobility and Walle Mobility Press Release

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