AIR, an Israel-based eVTOL manufacturer targeting the consumer market, has unveiled its commercial prototype, the AIR ONE. AIR is differentiating itself from major OEM’s by targeting owners who plan to use their eVTOL for personal use, rather than creating a shared air taxi. According to a company press release, AIR puts the freedom to fly directly in the hands of consumers with its sleek and playful vehicle intended for adventure and day-to-day flying.

AIR ONE on the ground

AIR intends to implement many cutting-edge technologies and processes used in the automotive industry to quickly scale mass production of AIR ONE. “The future of mobility is in the sky, but to get there we need to build consumer confidence in eVTOLs as a legitimate mode of everyday transport and develop vehicles on a mass-scale to bring that vision to life,” said AIR’s CEO and Co-Founder Rani Plaut. “AIR ONE is our hat in the ring, simultaneously showing consumers the first in a line of diversified, playful models for personal flight and demonstrating cutting-edge technology that will enable high-volume production and scalability.”

The company’s inaugural vehicle offers a range of 110 miles and speeds up to 155 mph. AIR ONE is also designed for storage at home with collapsible wings. At the heart of AIR ONE is the company’s ‘fly by intent’ software, which manages complex functions and navigation, so that usage isn’t restricted to highly skilled pilots and trained professionals. Additional safety features include an AI-enabled monitoring system which performs frequent inspections of the vehicle and eliminates checklists for riders to ensure paramount safety, even for riders with minimal training.

Based on technology and manufacturing techniques from the automotive and aerospace industries, AIR ONE is designed from inception to be a fun, safe and practical vehicle that adheres to aerospace standards and regulations. To this end, AIR is currently working with the FAA to obtain G1 certification.

Why it matters: AIR is targeting aerial mobility early adopters for its eVTOL prototype, rather than pursuing immediate commercial operations. AIR ONE will remain in the general/business aviation space as it markets itself to individuals looking for a new, innovative way to travel short distances by air.

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