Iris Automation shared late last week that the company will be hosting a BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) sUAS demonstration in conjunction with the University of Nevada Reno / Nevada Autonomous program, and UAV pioneers Censys Technologies that will outline the technological progress occurring that’s enabling this type of operation. Autonomous AAM aircraft will require effective BVLOS technology in the future to operate without pilots, and a natural throughput from drone to eVTOL applications of this tech will likely occur over the next decade.

The event highlights Censys Technologies’ Sentaero BVLOS, Sentourion Mobile Command Center, CensWise Vegetation Management Software, and Iris Automation Casia I (Onboard Detect and Avoid) and Casia G (Ground-based) Aircraft Detection Technology to show the different applications and ways the platforms can be used for a multitude of business and public-oriented situations.

The event will occur at the Reno-Stead Airport, 4895 Texas Avenue, Reno, Nevada 89506, Second Floor Conference Room, and run from 8AM to 1230PM on Friday, July 1st.

The event is open to all commercial drone users, companies and public safety agencies. Key highlights include:

  • Demonstration Review – Censys Product Overview Briefing/Trailer
  • Casia G ground-based detect and avoid solution demonstration – Iris Automation (Flying – Demonstration)
  • Brandon Karr – Pearland, Texas Police Department – Responsible for sUAS and US Leader in DPS (recently returned from Interpol Leadership Discussions)

The event will also include discussions with Trevor Parrott, Censys Technologies CEO, and Jon Damush, Iris Automation CEO (Remote).

Nevada is designated by the Federal Aviation Administration as one of seven states to serve as a center for the development and testing of unmanned autonomous vehicles and systems. Nevada Autonomous manages Nevada’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Test Site activities statewide, bringing leadership, know-how and a focus on safety to each opportunity and test.

Why it’s important: This event will showcase some of the emerging technology that will eventually be used in aerial mobility applications for autonomous flights beyond visual line of sight, and also help to pre-empt conversations on future integration and regulatory considerations for successful, safe implementation.

More event information:

Posted by Naish Gaubatz