Innovaero has just announced its strategic partnership with BAE Systems Australia for the design, development and launch of the STRIX Uncrewed VTOL Aerial System at Avalon 2023. This is the first collaborative venture for both companies in the Australian marketplace on emerging UAS capabilities for the defense sector.

STRIX is a significant Australian innovation, with Innovaero and BAE Systems Australia combining to design an entirely new concept.

STRIX is a hybrid-propulsion tandem wing, with multi-domain and multi-role UAS capability. The STRIX uncrewed air system (UAS), of which a prototype is already in development, could be used for a variety of missions including air to ground strike against hostile targets and persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). It could also act as a ‘loyal wingman’ for military helicopters.

Perth-based Innovaero is a 100% Australian-owned aeronautical product design, certification, and manufacturing company, with a track record of delivering successful outcomes for clients in Australia. Its team of world-class aeronautical specialists is globally recognised for its innovation, including its world leading aerial camera array solutions.

Innovaero Group Chief Executive Officer Simon Grosser said the design and development of STRIX demonstrated the company’s capabilities for the defense sector. “To witness the capability STRIX will provide to Defence, through partnering with BAE Systems Australia, is very exciting. STRIX has the potential payload capacity, range, speed, and advanced autonomy to provide real differential over current market offerings.” Mr Grosser said.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Officer Ben Hudson paid tribute to the team at Innovaero for the work delivered to date on the STRIX model and prototype. “Innovaero is an amazing team of passionate Australians specialising in novel airborne systems,” Mr Hudson said. “STRIX is a real testament to the culture that Mike has developed at Innovaero.”

Why it’s important: STRIX is an entirely new UAS concept and a significant Australian innovation, the product of close collaboration between local aerospace SME Innovaero and Australia’s largest defense prime, BAE Systems Australia. The UAS has emerged as a critical defense capability of the future. STRIX is a stride forward into the next generation of autonomous hybrid-propulsion VTOL multi-role UAS delivering sustainable superiority on the in battlefield, an opening opportunities for these vehicles in logistics transportation.

Source // Innovaero Press Release

Posted by Naish Gaubatz