Supernal and Electric Power Systems, Inc. (EP Systems) have announced a partnership to accelerate development and production of safe, lighter-weight, and certifiable eVTOL vehicle batteries.

The emerging industry leaders formalized their agreement during a ceremony held at the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA), resulting in the first vehicle partnership for Supernal. Supernal also displayed its eVTOL vehicle cabin concept at the FIA (Exhibit Hall 1, Pioneers of Change, Booth 1307).

EP Systems provides high-power, scalable and certifiable powertrains for electrified aviation. It develops energy storage systems, DC (direct current) fast-charging stations, and electric propulsion products for the aerospace, defense, automotive, marine and industrial traction industries. EP Systems has numerous battery systems currently powering manned and unmanned aircraft (e.g., Diamond eDA-40, NASA X-57, Aurora Flight Sciences Pegasus, Embraer Ipanema and Boeing CAV). Advanced features, such as its patented, lightweight containment box, produce safer battery systems that have resulted in a perfect safety record in field. 

The partnership between Supernal and EPS aims to enable the introduction of commercial eVTOL vehicle flights and support increasing enhancements to vehicle performance as the AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) market matures. Supernal, which is part of Hyundai Motor Group, plans to work within an “open ecosystem” model that will address the niche technology needs of AAM.

“Advanced Air Mobility requires an expansive value chain and many aspects — from battery power to digital infrastructure and passenger experience — require improvements and cross-chain integration to enable progress,” said Jaiwon Shin, President of Hyundai Motor Group and CEO of Supernal. “We are excited to work with Electric Power Systems and develop game-changing technologies that will revolutionize air travel and increase human possibility.”

According to a recent Q&A with Kyle Heironimus, Head of Powertrain at Supernal, Supernal will continue growing its network of battery talent and partners to drive power, energy, charging time, and cycle life improvements that will lead to longer, more affordable eVTOL vehicle flights.

“We are pleased to partner with Supernal as it seeks to democratize flight and create a new, sustainable transport category,” said Nate Millecam, president and CEO of Electric Power Systems. “Supernal’s long-term perspective and comprehensive approach to co-developing the Advanced Air Mobility space has enabled it to be viewed as an industry thought leader and savvy partner of choice.”

See a video from the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) of Supernal’s new cabin concept below:

Why it’s important: EP Systems’ experience has given the company a broad perspective on the electric evolution taking place throughout aviation. All-electric aircraft need high-density energy storage, and by harnessing advancements in battery power and material technology, EP Systems’ unique battery management system provides an elevated solution. In partnership with Supernal, the two companies have great potential for marked improvements in energy storage technology that would benefit the aerial mobility industry as a whole.

Source // Supernal press release


Posted by Naish Gaubatz