Honeywell has introduced its innovative new thermal management system, the Micro Vapor Cycle System (MicroVCS). The MicroVCS is an efficient, lightweight thermal management system that uses advanced technology to push cold air or liquid to cool compartments, electric components and power systems. Designed specifically for the emerging aerial mobility industry, the MicroVCS is both lighter and completely oil-free with fewer moving parts, meaning that maintenance and repair are much simpler; an important factor to consider when air taxis will most likely record flights at a higher rate than conventional aircraft. 

“Aircraft in the emerging UAM or all-electric categories will need to be lightweight and avoid significant downtime for maintenance. It will also be extremely important to maintain battery temperature and ensure passenger comfort,” said Tom Hart, VP and general manager of Air & Thermal Systems at Honeywell Aerospace. “Our new MicroVCS is up to 35% lighter and 20% more efficient than existing systems, which helps address these major concerns.”

Notably, the MicroVCS will first be implemented in Eviation’s Alice, an all electric commuter aircraft. According to Omer Bar-Yohay, CEO at Eviation, “In an all-electric aircraft, every ounce counts, so we needed an efficient way to provide cooling comfort for passengers in our fleet without adding excessive weight. Our adoption of the MicroVCS will ensure better aircraft uptime and reduce our overall operating costs while enhancing our passengers’ experience.”

Why it’s important: The MicroVCS is the latest in a series of products Honeywell is developing specifically for aerial mobility. Others include a Compact Fly-by-Wire System, RDR-84K Radar, actuators, and lightweight inertial navigation systems. Having been a reliable and experienced aircraft systems manufacturer for decades, Honeywell’s contributions to the aerial mobility industry will be vital for the continued success of the industry.

Source // Intelligent Aerospace

Posted by Ian Shin

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