Honeywell recently announced that it will be hosting its own Summit on aerial mobility technology later this month in Washington D.C.

According to Honeywell, the Air Mobility Summit aims to aims to “help speed the evolution of aerial transportation in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way.” To this end, the invitation-only conference will be attended by policymakers, regulators, and technology leaders.

Featured panels and keynote events at the Summit will focus on Urban Air Mobility, Unmanned Aerial Systems, new kinds of Regional Air Mobility, and the regulatory gaps remaining to make these technologies an everyday reality. In particular, many events will focus on how these technologies can maintain United States’ competitiveness on a global scale, and the economic and societal benefits they can bring.

Speakers at the Summit will include members of congress, FAA officials, executive leaders from key advanced air mobility companies, and more. With this unique gathering of individuals, Honeywell hopes to align business interests with those of regulatory bodies, including state and local governments.

“From all-electric air taxis to uncrewed cargo delivery drones, together, we’re helping move transportation from the road to the air with electrically powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft for sustainable, high-speed air mobility.” -Honeywell’s Save the Date page for the Air Mobility Summit.

Above: The Lilium Jet eVTOL, which will feature cockpit and propulsion technologies by Honeywell

Honeywell is well-placed to host this conference, as it had made investments and partnerships in the advanced aerial mobility industry nearly since its inception. In particular, Honeywell has formed technology partnerships with notable eVTOL developers like Lilium, Pipistrel, Volocopter and Vertical Aerospace to provide flight controls, propulsion technologies, and more. Between 2020 and 2019, Honeywell announced an entirely new business unit dedicated to Aerial Mobility, as well cooling systems, fly-by-wire, and e-motor projects specifically for eVTOL aircraft.

Why it’s important: Honeywell, with a vast amount of resources and experiences in flight technologies, has recognized the immense potential value of electric aerial mobility technologies since as early as 2019. Since then, it has worked hard to set itself up as one of the top technology providers in this new field. With this new Summit, Honeywell can further put itself as the forefront of the Aerial Mobility industry, while at the same time promoting collaboration and advancement for the entire industry.


Posted by Benji