Swedish electric aircraft manufacturer, Heart Aerospace, has joined the European Regions Airline Association (ERA), a trade association for European regional airlines and associated businesses.

Founded in 1980, ERA is a non-profit trade association representing over 55 airlines plus around another 150 companies involved in European air transport. ERA is the only association that brings together the entire spectrum of companies involved in European aviation.

The association supports and defends the airline industry in providing safe, efficient and sustainable air connectivity to all regions of Europe. By lobbying European regulatory bodies on policy matters, ERA promotes and protects social responsibility, environmental sustainability and the development of regional economies and local communities.

“We believe that electric air travel can be transformational in addressing the industry’s key sustainability challenges, and we look forward to working with the ERA in shaping the future of regional air travel in Europe,” said Anders Forslund, CEO of Heart Aerospace.

Last year, United Airlines announced plans to purchase up to 100 19-seat Heart Aerospace ES-19 electric aircraft. Heart has also gained investments from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, EQT Ventures, European Investment Council, Lower Carbon Capital, and Mesa Air Group.

“ERA is committed to supporting a transition to more sustainable aviation; hence, we are very pleased to welcome Heart Aerospace into membership. Heart is a pioneer for sustainable aviation, and with its mission to create not only the world’s greenest, but most affordable and accessible form of transport, I am sure the company will play a significant role in the future of Europe’s regional air sector,” said Montserrat Barriga, Director General, ERA.

As of publishing, Heart Aerospace will deliver the first ES-19 electric airliner certified for commercial flight by 2026.

Why it matters: For Heart Aerospace, membership of the ERA will be an important platform for cooperation and the exchange of ideas for sustainable growth of the European regional airline industry. Their participation in the association will also include Heart in important policy-making discussions for the infancy of electric flight in the EU.

Source // Heart Aerospace

Posted by Ross Piscoran