Vmo Aircraft Leasing and H55, a leader in electric propulsion technology for aviation, have announced their collaboration to develop leasing solutions for clean aviation technologies. The partnership aims to provide leasing programs targeted at supporting the emerging market for financing electric aircraft, battery storage systems, and energy management systems.

Above: A Trainer Aircraft using H55 electric propulsion

H55, developer of electric propulsion systems such as batteries, controllers, and electric motors, has the goal of helping to make aviation a zero-emission industry by 2050. Vmo Aircraft leasing has this same vision, and the companies have now formed a collaboration to push towards this mission.

The two companies will create leasing programs for zero-emission aircraft and components that will help grow the market, demand, and developmental capacity for this propulsion type. Currently, Vmo offers liquidity and fleet solutions to airlines, lessors, and OEMs to increase operational and capital efficiency, while H55 has over 20 years of experience in creating sustainable propulsion solutions.

Vmo and H55’s first customers include OEMs, component manufacturers, and operators who are working electrification programs for both new and existing designs.


Above: Propulsion technologies created by H55

Said Robert Brown, Executive Chairman of Vmo Aircraft Leasing: “Technology and innovation are rapidly changing the aviation industry’s landscape, with emission-free aircraft designs on track to revolutionize airline fleets. With the giant addressable market, lessors will play a key role in financing electric and hybrid-electric aircraft.”

Said André Borschberg, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of H55, “As we are getting closer to commercialize clean aviation products, we believe it’s important to provide financing solutions for innovative products to facilitate the transition to sustainable aviation. A clear financial offering will make it possible to operators to fully appreciate the value they will derive from their investment. Leasing batteries with regular battery replacements, which will evolve in terms of improved performance, will move the cost of fuel to investing in technology.”

Why it’s Important: As zero-emission propulsion like H55’s gets closer to commercialization, there is a growing need for companies to provide financial solutions that will make these new technologies accessible to commercial operators. Making these systems more accessible through leasing programs will increase the volume of commercial operators who decide to begin implementing sustainable propulsion, giving it a faster track to becoming an integral part of regional air transportation.

Source // H55


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