After a somewhat turbulent history, Eviation’s Alice is once again on track to begin manufacturing of its all-electric, 9 passenger fixed-wing aircraft.

The Eviation Alice prototype in its hangar

Designed specifically for regional mobility, with a range of up to 440NM and a cruise speed of 220kts, Eviation’s Alice features an extremely sleek design, giving off a high impression of luxury for such a small aircraft. According to Co-Founder and CEO of Eviation, the company believes that ‘electrification and democratization’ represents the future of passenger aviation. Its claimed mission is to ‘change the way people travel regionally through affordable, sustainable aviation.”

Eviation has now taken a significant step forward by partnering with electric propulsion specialist MagniX for its electric propulsion system. For several years now, MagniX has been working hard to develop advanced propulsion units for electric aviation, and is responsible for creating one of the world’s largest flying electric aircraft, the modified ‘eBeaver’ seaplane, which was part of a deal with Canada’s Harbour Air to electrify its entire fleet within the next 10-15 years. Although MagniX has retrofitted aircraft with its electric propulsion systems before, the Eviation Alice will be its first aircraft that was designed to be electric from the ground up.

MagniX’s EPUs (electric propulsion systems) are well flight-proven with many test flights in existing aircraft, and are on a path to FAA Part 33 certification in 2022. The EPUs offer an exceptional level of redundancy and reliability with consistent performance, as well as high levels of energy-use efficiency and low sound emissions profiles.

Interior of the Eviation Alice

Said Eviation CEO Omer Bar-Yohay, “The magniX delivery is one of the key milestones in getting emission free, low-cost, all-electric aviation off the ground with the first flight of Alice. We’re confident the system will propel us to bringing Alice to market and delivering a sustainable, scalable mobility solution that will revolutionize passenger and cargo flights.”

Commented Roei Ganzarski, CEO of magniX, “The Alice is the epitome of the future of air transportation. All-electric by design, taking advantage of light-weight powerful and reliable propulsion systems. Together, we will enable a great flying experience – zero emissions, quieter, lower cost, all from and to airports closer to more communities. ”

Why it’s important: MagniX’s work represents the next big step in getting electric aircraft into the skies. Starting out by retrofitting existing ICE aircraft with electric propulsion, the company is now moving up to making systems for aircraft that are electric from the ground up. As MagniX evolves into creating electric propulsion for new kinds of aircraft, it is likely that many eVTOL companies may turn to the company for their own electric propulsion systems. In addition, the success of MagniX’s propulsion systems in the skies with Alice will set an industry precedent for other electric aircraft certification, including eVTOLs.

Source // PR Newswire

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