Eve, the eVTOL development subsidiary of Embraer, has announced partnerships with Corporacíon America Airports and with Falcon Aviation Services to bring tourist and transportation flights to Dubai and cities in Latin America and Europe.

This announcement comes one month after Eve went public on the NYSE, raising an additional $377 million towards creation of this aircraft. 

Above: Rendering of the Eve eVTOL aircraft in flight over Dubai

Eve’s eVTOL aircraft will be fully electric, and able to carry four passengers plus a pilot. In the past two years, Eve has made significant progress by forming partnerships with aircraft operators all over the world, seeking to augment or even replace helicopter services at many of these companies.

On June 9th, Eve announced a partnership with Corporación América Airports, the largest private-sector airport concession operator in the world by number of airports, to ‘design and integrate a service and support ecosystem for Urban Air Mobility’ in Europe and Latin America. Together, Eve and Corporación América Airports will begin assessing the readiness of ground infrastructure for the integration of eVTOL connection services. The eventual goal of this project will be to create eVTOL infrastructure at airports that will allow for direct eVTOL transfers from commercial jet flights, so that passengers can travel directly from airports to their final destinations within major cities. Initial work will be conducted as research of the regulatory requirements and infrastructure needs at airports.

Said Martin Eurnekian, CEO of Corporación América Airports, “The next five years will probably be decisive in how we move from and through cities, and aviation will play a leading role again. Corporación América Airports has always been at the forefront of air transport services and now wants to be a key player in the UAM segment, identifying the challenges and opportunities for better operational, infrastructural and secure contexts. We want to lead the development of the UAM ecosystem, allowing mobility in the third dimension accessible to all, in a more sustainable transportation mode.”

Above: Close-up rendering of the Eve eVTOL aircraft

On June 7th, Eve also announced a partnership with Falcon Aviation Services, a leading private jet and helicopter operator in the Middle East and Africa region, for a pre-order of up to 35 of Eve’s eVTOL aircraft. With deliveries expected to start in 2026, Falcon may become one of the world’s first operators of the Eve aircraft, planning to introduce the first eVTOL services as tourism flights from Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai. According to a recent press release, Eve and Falcon will work together with local stakeholders and authorities to eventually transition from tourist flight services to developing an Urban Air Mobility ecosystem for all of the United Arab Emirates.

Captain Ramandeep Oberoi, Chief Operating Officer of Falcon, said: “We are ecstatic to partner with Eve and be the first operator of eVTOL in Dubai & the MENA region. Falcon is actively engaged in Urban Air Mobility emergence and committed to delivering an effective and sustainable new urban transportation mode and providing the community with better and faster solutions. We are particularly proud to take a new step in the UAE, in a project that will be revolutionary for sustainable urban mobility.”

Why it’s important: Together, these two new partnerships will do much to drive forward Eve’s efforts to lay the groundwork for its all-electric aircraft. While other eVTOL developers have a challenge establishing their reputation as new companies, Embraer has a key advantage via its long-time expertise in aircraft development. In the last few years, Eve has been using Embraer’s excellent reputation to steadily add to its growing infrastructure partner list, strengthening the environment for the launch of its aircraft once it is certified.

Source // Eve


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