In an effort to attract talent and technology from independent innovators and startups, Embraer has launched the Energia Initiative. Energia is a family of all-electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel-cell aircraft which Embraer will develop in collaboration with outside organizations and innovators.

This week, Embraer announced it has completed its first in-person consortium with independent innovators interested in advancing aerospace technologies. At the event, 16 organizations from across the world were invited to present to Embraer on topics such as electric powertrains, fuel cells, and battery technologies.

“To meet the climate challenge it is essential to encourage every innovation path, not just rely on traditional players. Embraer has a natural affinity with nimble innovators, and we believe the growing eco-system of small, tech-savvy start-ups have a huge contribution to make – if given the opportunity.” said Carlos Illario of Embraer. “We do not underestimate the scale of the challenge. Some of the technologies aviation needs are yet to be discovered. So, it is essential to harness all the world’s available talent to find answers that work, are affordable, and practical in the real world.”

With the first startup day wrapped up, Embraer hopes to extend invitations to organizations with business ideas to innovate in cabin systems, connectivity, ground handling, and more. Embraer’s Energia Initiative will likely become a powerful voice for helping transform commercial aviation and will surely have trickling effects into eVTOL technologies and aerial mobility applications.

Above: Embraer’s vision for the company’s future hybrid-electric, all-electric, and hydrogen cell aircraft.

Why it matters: Advancements in propulsion powertrains and battery technologies will be critical to realizing and commercialization of urban aerial mobility. By inviting outsiders to collaborate in the future of its aviation products, Embraer is showing its commitment to furthering these technologies through innovative development practices.

Posted by Ross Piscoran