Electro.Aero, a company that develops high-voltage electric aircraft chargers, recently announced the arrival of their brand new charging station, the RAP!D Aircraft Charger 200. The new charger aims to set the stage for the aerial mobility charging industry. This new product is expected to be available for 2023 delivery. 

The mission of Electra.aero is to help in reducing the environmental impact of air transportation by providing high-end chargers exclusively designed for electric aircraft, including both fixed wing and eVTOL. Their newest product, the RAP!D Aircraft Charger 200 will provide 200kW per unit of AC electric charging. The new charger can convert between AS6968, CCS2 and NACS charging standards, and features a cable spool design that will allow it to be easily moved by single person to any point on the runway.

Additionally, Electro.aero also announced that it’s making a shipping container-sized battery system, called the AEROCHARGE. This system will allow even grids without high-voltage outputs to charge electric aircraft at rates up to 400kwH, using two RAP!D Aircraft Charger 200 combined. This means, for example, that even areas with only solar or low-voltage grids will still be able to fast-charge electric aircraft at vertiports. 

Already, Electro.aero is offering delivery deals on these charging systems. The company envisions many of its initial customers to be eVTOL protypers, and light fixed-wing aircraft users like Ampaire, Pipistrel, or Electra.aero eSTOLs.

Why It’s Important: Electro.aero is one of the only companies in the world specifically dedicated to providing electric aircraft charging products. By being first to market, Electro hopes to establish itself as a global leader in this industry. The new RAP!D Aircraft Charger 200 will allow for quick recharging, and can be installed almost anywhere, giving it the potential to significantly increase access to charging stations as eVTOL and electric fixed-wing aircraft become more prevalent across the world. By being first to market, Electro.aero can lay the groundwork and create a model for more electric charging station developers in the future.

Source // Electro.aero Press Release


Posted by Rajvir Singh