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Chinese passenger drone manufacturer EHang has officially entered into a partnership with Shenzhen tourism company LN Holdings to create the world’s first ‘UAM themed’ hotel.

The idea behind the new partnership is for EHang to further commercialize its AAV’s (autonomous aerial vehicles) through integrating them with existing and future LN Hotels. The LN Garden Hotel in Guangzhou will be the first to offer these services.

The hotel will promote the AAV’s as a new form of travel by offering UAM services to guests like aerial sightseeing, travel to common destinations, aerial light shows, intelligent exhibitions education about UAM, and more. Hotel operators will assist in handling air and passenger logistics and in integrating UAM smoothly with guest experiences.

LN Garden Hotel EHang 216

An EHang 216 AAV taking off from the courtyard of the LN Garden Hotel

Hu Huazhi, Founder, Chairman and CEO of EHang, said, “We are excited to establish a comprehensive and long-term strategic partnership with LN Holdings. Helping to build Guangzhou into a global air mobility pilot city is a milestone for us, and further promotes the commercialization of the UAM ecosystem. ”

Said Liang Lingfeng, General Manager of LN Group and Chairman of LN Holdings, “We own a broad chain of resources in the tourism industry, covering travel, brand hotels, conventions, exhibitions and scenic attractions. By leveraging our controlling shareholder LN Group’s ability to integrate its resources in consumer sector, cooperating with EHang could generate incremental products and services. We can fulfill customers’ travel demands in the air and on the ground by combining intelligent technology with the tourist experience.”

To celebrate the partnership, executives of both companies as well as journalists got to take demo flights in the new EHang 216 aircraft over the LN Garden Hotel. An aerial light show was also held on the  evening of May 9th to demonstrate the capabilities of the aircraft.

Why it’s important: Ehang isn’t the first company to begin integrating UAM services with hotels and residences. A similar project, that will include a vertiport and lobby for guests and residences, is in its planning stages for the Paramount Miami Worldcenter and others. As the aerial mobility industry advances, these initially novel services will transition into common amenities for guests who need travel in and out of nearby cities. Hotels like the LN Garden Hotel have begun this step forward.



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