EHang has signed with Austrian composites manufacturer FACC to optimize the EHang 184 for production, marking the next step in the 184’s journey to commercial use.

The EHang 184 is a two-passenger, quad-rotor eVTOL capable of flying about 35 miles between each charge. The 184 has completed over 1,000 passenger flight tests in places like Dubai, China and other countries. You can learn more about the EHang 184 here. 

In an important step last week, EHang signed with composite manufacture FACC AG to optimize the EHang 184 for production. FACC AG is a subsidiary Chinese aerospace group AVIC. The agreement will include the development of a test site in Austria.

FACC CEO Robert Machtlinger

“As a technology partner of the global aerospace industry, FACC has a broad spectrum of systems expertise ranging from research, design, development, certification and global production to the maintenance of high-tech products for aircraft. This enables us to be fully equipped and dedicated when it comes to implementing safe and highly efficient lightweight solutions for individual air mobility around smart cities. In this respect, the partnership with EHang takes us a big step forward”. –FACC CEO Robert Machtlinger

This agreement is important to note because the partnership will allow EHang to move beyond prototyping into production. In the new partnership, EHang’s responsibilities will involve readying and managing the connectivity and software for autonomous air mobility, while FACC will focus on the hardware necessary for mass production and certification.

FACC Partners with EHang

The EHang is unique in that it is fully autonomous, without even a joystick for control

Why it’s important: EHang’s partnership with FACC marks the first step toward serial production. As regulatory hurdles begin to be passed, demand for urban aviation vehicles will come in far higher volumes than can be built through prototype building methods. EHang’s partnership with FACC will allow EHang to become one of the first to meet the demand for commercial air taxis.

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