Doroni Aerospace, Inc., a startup in the aerial mobility industry, is making an innovative 2-seater eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft). The company recently announced the launch of its Series A Reg D funding round, providing investors with an online platform to participate in this investment opportunity. This marks a significant milestone for Doroni as it propels the development and growth of its cutting-edge technology.

Doroni Aerospace has witnessed tremendous success over the past six months, including the completion of an impressive 53 successful test flights and raising $3.6 million through equity crowdfunding from over 1,900 investors. The latest Reg D investment round plays a crucial role in the company’s journey towards obtaining official certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Doroni plans to initiate deliveries of the first units sold in the second half of 2025.

With the closing of the Series A Reg D Offering, Doroni Aerospace is embarking on the next phase of its mission to change personal mobility and transportation. This development ushers in a new chapter for the company, enabling it to further develop its mobility platform, attract new partners and investors, and scale its operations.

“This offering represents a significant milestone in our endeavor to revolutionize the aviation and personal mobility industry. By pushing the boundaries of technology, we aim to provide our customers with unparalleled convenience and sustainability, setting new benchmarks for the transportation segment,” said Yaakov Werdiger, COO of Doroni Aerospace.

Despite raising less than the industry standard funding thus far, Doroni Aerospace has achieved remarkable success in its operations. According to the company, this achievement is a testament to the team’s agility and strategy. Consequently, Doroni now positions itself favorably in the eyes of potential investors, showcasing its ability to maximize resources and deliver on investment resources.

Doroni Aerospace’s flagship product, the H1, a two-seater personal eVTOL, is currently available for pre-order and has already begun receiving deposits. With an estimated starting retail price of $250,000, the H1 will offer individuals a unique opportunity to own, fly, and store their own eVTOL in a standard two-car garage. The aircraft qualifies for the light sport category, allowing owner operators to complete a 20-hour training course provided by the company, in order to begin flying.

“We are thrilled by the extraordinary success of our flight tests, which have truly demonstrated the immense capabilities of the Doroni eVTOL. We are resolute in our mission to revolutionize personal transportation, creating innovative and cutting-edge solutions that will reshape our interactions with space and beyond,” said Doron Merdinger, CEO, and Founder of Doroni Aerospace.

Doroni Aerospace is also receiving the support of Space Florida, a state agency dedicated to preserving Florida’s leading position in the global aerospace industry. Space Florida is actively assisting Doroni in expanding its operations by providing land, facilities, and tooling. Tony Gannon, VP Research & Innovation, and Matt Chesnut, VP Business and Economic Development, serve as close collaborators and fervent supporters of Doroni’s vision.

Why it’s important: Doroni’s innovative 2-seater eVTOL and its success in test flights and fundraising exemplify the potential of the private-ownership segment for electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. By providing accredited investors with an opportunity to participate in Doroni’s growth, the new investment not only signifies a major milestone for the company but also showcases the viability and attractiveness of the private eVTOL market. According to the company, Doroni’s advancements in technology, coupled with its commitment to sustainability and convenience, can inspire other companies in the small-aircraft aerial mobility sector. The success of Doroni Aerospace in revolutionizing personal mobility further accelerates the overall progress and development of the aerial mobility industry, bringing us closer to a future where flying cars and sustainable transportation options become a reality worldwide.

Source // Globe Newswire, Doroni

Posted by Rajvir Singh