Applied intelligence company Daedalean announced late last week that they intend to stand up an office in Phoenix, AZ to add to their current offices in Switzerland and Latvia. This move now opens the US office to serve the region of North and South America.

The company is naming industry tech and sales veteran Dr. Yemaya Bordain as President of its Americas business, trusting her to lead innovation and partnership efforts at the new office. The business development titan joins Daedalean after more than seven years as Global Sales Director at Intel Corporation.

“We have an opportunity to transform the aviation and transportation industries. Daedalean is leading the charge in creating a world where we’ll be keeping up with the Jetsons as we skip over traffic jams in autonomous and situationally-aware aircraft. I am so thrilled to be joining their pioneering team. It is an exciting challenge to play a key role in achieving this future,” says Yemaya Bordain. 

Dr. Bordain joins Daedalean as a recognized business leader in the embedded aerospace and defense industry and an expert in the safety certification of multi-core avionics systems. She architected and grew the global adoption of Intel’s product offerings addressing safety in the aerospace industry. She managed industry-leading advances in partnership with top global OEMs, including Lockheed-Martin Corporation, Collins Aerospace, Indra Sistemas, and Mercury Systems. Bordain will lead the new office and foster a robust US presence that will serve as a springboard for partnerships, business opportunities, and furthering relationships with American corporations, business leaders, and regulators. 

Since launching in 2016, Daedalean has been at the forefront of developing AI software for autonomous flight control for civil aircraft and urban air mobility. The superior perception and advanced flight control software in the air brings more safety to the space that was long dependent on a humans-only cockpit. 

Alongside American partners, the company has already added an exciting jolt to the US aerospace sector, creating a direct market path to bring the first-ever machine learning-based avionics systems. 

Since its inception, Daedalean’s team has also worked with aviation regulators, developing relationships on both sides of the Atlantic and publishing joint reports with EASA and the FAA. 

To drive their ambitious work, Daedalean boasts a team of more than 90 people with expertise in machine learning and computer vision, aviation-grade software engineering, flight testing, safety assessment, and certification. The publicly disclosed total amount of financing for the company up to date is $72 million.

Why it’s important: Daedalean’s move to stand up an office in the United States allows for a greater sphere of influence for the company as they work to broaden the application scope of their guidance products. Further, their recent appointment of Dr. Bordain to lead Americas activities for the company should take advantage of professional relationships with the technology landscape domestically in the US and within North and South America, while also building Daedaleans’ book of business with customers outside of Europe.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz