Crisalion Mobility, a Spanish innovator in electric mobility solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with VALTRANS Transportation Systems at the Dubai Airshow. This alliance marks a notable development in the aerial and ground mobility sectors, with VALTRANS becoming the exclusive distributor for Crisalion Mobility’s avant-garde solutions in the Gulf region.

The collaboration was announced in the Dubai Airshow’s Advanced Aerial Mobility Pavilion, signifying Crisalion Mobility’s commitment to expanding their global footprint. This partnership aims to increase the region’s transportation infrastructure with Crisalion’s technologies, including their under-development Integrity eVTOL. The aircraft will be powered by Crisalion’s FlyFree technology with a patented stability system. Crisalion claims that the versatility of their aircraft will allow for a wide array of applications, from passenger and emergency transportation to cargo and tourism.

Additionally, Crisalion Mobility’s ground mobility solutions will also be distributed by VALTRANS. These solutions integrate teleoperation and the management of dynamic convoys from a central control hub, powered by Crisalion’s Intellydrive technology.

Why it’s important: This partnership underscores a mutual dedication to sustainability and innovation between Crisalion Mobility and VALTRANS. VALTRANS brings over two decades of experience in integrating network transportation with hospitality, a synergy that will enrich the Gulf’s mobility landscape. This strategic move is not only a commercial milestone but also a significant step toward realizing a sustainable and technologically advanced transportation future in the gulf. As the region faces growing urbanization and environmental challenges, the alliance between Crisalion Mobility and VALTRANS is expected to help shape a greener and more efficient mobility landscape in the region.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz