Blueflite, developer an eVTOL cargo system and aircraft , has just announced that the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) has granted a patent for the company’s aircraft design. The patent is specifically titled “Vertical Take-Off and Landing Vehicle”.

While Blueflite’s aircraft is not the same size as some large scale eVTOLs in development, the company has already begun making many of its products and services commercially available. The aircraft’s unique design can allow for maneuverability in many urban environments, and operations in areas where infrastructure may not be accessible.

While the aircraft uses wings to provide lift in forward flight, the rotors of the aircraft can tilt to either provide forward propulsion, or lift and control for vertical take-off, landing, low-speed flight, and hovering. This unique design can provide maneuverability, speed, range, and payload capabilities that combined would not be possible in fixed-wing UAVs or quadcopter layouts. The patent filed with the USPTO covers company’s proprietary aircraft design including the unique tilt-mechanism, internal payload bay, compact wing design, and control software.

Said Frank Noppel, Blueflite Founder and CEO, when speaking about the aircraft: “These key features are absent from most delivery drones on the market today and we believe that these capabilities are essential to succeed in the drone logistics industry. This is just the first in a series of patents we have pending as Blueflite continues to invest in the best mobility technology for future logistics solutions.”

Blueflite is based in Ann-Arbor, Michigan, with the mission of providing a “drone-based logistics platform for faster and more cost-effective deliveries.” In particular, the company prides itself on its aircraft’s ability to dependably manuever in inclimate weather and urban environments, as well as complete longer-range mission profiles.

Why it’s important: The design of Blueflite’s aircraft has immense potential both for UAV drone operations and for larger-scale cargo eVTOLs. By receiving this patent, Blueflite will be able to begin implementing its winged eVTOL solution commercially in more areas. These operations can both prove the functionality of this design as well as demonstrate the immense benefits of this technology. Together, these will encourage the further development of this industry, as well as larger aircraft that can deliver even more cargo with the same versatile capabilities.

Source // Blueflite


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