BlueFlite, a Michigan company developing high-performance and high-versatility cargo drone, has partnered with Acadian, one of the largest Ambulance companies in the United States. Through the partnership, Acadian plans to develop a first-of-its-kind drone-based emergency response solution for lifesaving medical deliveries in the USA.

According to a recent press release from the two companies, the partnership will aim to deliver life-saving medical equipment and medications to certain areas much faster than could ever be achieved with ground-based vehicles. Specific applications may for example include epinephrine, or medications to open patient’s airways.

The partnership will combine Blueflite’s aerial logistics technology for its aircraft with Acadian’s knowledge and procedures for how to reach patients as quickly and effectively as possible. R&D support will also come from Lafayette-based survey and engineering firm, Fenstermaker. The ultimate goal of the service will be to save lives, and to reduce the impact and severity of injuries by delivering medicine and supplies as quickly as possible.

“Using drones to deliver critical medical equipment will shorten emergency response times considerably. And when every second counts, that can save lives and reduce cost in healthcare,” said Frank Noppel, Blueflite’s CEO. “We are very excited to have been selected by Acadian and very much look forward to co-developing this platform, which will greatly benefit the lives of many.”

“We selected the Blueflite platform for its advanced technology and capability to deliver lifesaving medical supplies safely and efficiently to those in need. This is the next step in the future of medical response, and we are excited to further development in conjunction with Blueflite and Fenstermaker,” said Benjamin Swig, Director of Healthcare Innovation and Strategy at Acadian Ambulance.

Small-scale prototype of BlueFlite’s vehicle at a test site

Why it’s important: This partnership provides BlueFlite and Acadian with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how well aerial logistics technologies can provide life-saving equipment in emergency situations. Combining BlueFlite’s technology with Acadian’s long-standing expertise in emergency response will give BlueFlite, and the aerial mobility industry as a whole, an excellent chance to prove one its key value propositions. The partnership will boost credibility for BlueFlite, adn ideally, for the aerial mobility altogether.

Source // BlueFlite / Acadian Press Release


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