In partnership with Vanquish motor yachts and ILand Miami water landing vessels, BLADE Urban Air Mobility will enable passengers to fly directly to Miami Beach Hotels.

Blade Urban Air Mobility

In an exciting new service release, BLADE Urban Air Mobility will allow customers to skip over major traffic jams to major Miami Beach hotels through its newest on-water helistop, available through March.

The newest water-port will enable passengers on BLADE helicopters to fly directly from local airports like to off-shore their hotels, potentially saving them hours sitting in traffic caused by upcoming events like the Super Bowl, Art Basel, and the Miami Open. The Super Bowl in particular has been known to cause major gridlock, with 150,000 non-residents arriving in Atlanta for last year’s game. Cities have often been forced to redesign entire public transportation systems for these occasions.

Once passengers land after a short flight from Miami International, Palm Beach Airport, or Ft Lauderdale, a powerful Vanquish yacht will take them to the dock of their hotel. The entire trip from airport to hotel, including the yacht transfer, will take only 15 minutes.

BLADE Urban Air Mobility

An ILand Miami water landing vessel (left) and a Vanquish motor yacht (right)

BLADE Urban Air Mobility

The Airport to yacht to hotel trip, which takes less than 15 minutes.

This newest service by BLADE represents its commitment to the Urban Air Mobility vision. Through new technology and excellent logistics management, BLADE is making urban transportation a speedy pleasure rather than a lengthy ordeal, and has its eyes set on the future of incorporating eVTOL aircraft. Earlier this year, BLADE rebranded to focus more directly on Urban Air Mobility, making it one of the very first UAM companies in commercial operation. BLADE also operates in New York and surrounding areas, as well as cities on the West Coast such as Las Vegas and most recently Los Angeles and nearby destinations.

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Why it’s important: BLADE is one of the first companies in the world to successfully operate an on-demand urban air mobility service. With the business model in successful operation, BLADE can simply integrate new eVTOL vehicles to create the full on-demand UAM network imagined by Uber Elevate and many other new air taxi companies. BLADE’s new offering in Miami further proves its capability of providing rapid and convenient point to point travel.

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