BLADE, provider of Air Mobility services worldwide, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreement with Jaunt Air Mobility to bring Jaunt’s eVTOL aircraft to India for commercial operations.

Above: Rendering of Jaunt’s Journey aircraft with BLADE branding

BLADE currently operates major helicopter and private jet flights on-demand in urban locations throughout the world, providing the most accessible urban air mobility solution to date. Already, Blade’s prices near UberX prices in New York locations. With the introduction of EVAs (electric vertical aircraft), urban flight will become even more affordable.

With this new agreement, Blade India has agreed to work with Jaunt Air Mobility, a key developer of a unique eVTOL aircraft, to launch electric vertical air mobility networks in India starting in 2027. The MoU states Blade’s intention to purchase 150 Jaunt Journey aircraft, with an option to order another 100 aircraft to meet projected demand.

Currently, India represents the third-large aviation market in the world. Said Amit Dutta, Managing Director of BLADE India: “With its vast expanse and increasing congestion, India is one of the biggest markets in the world for AAM solutions. With BLADE’s first mover advantage in nurturing the Urban Air Mobility ecosystem in India and Jaunt’s technical expertise, this partnership is well poised to pioneer the transition to electric and revolutionize the transportation system.”

Simon Briceno, Chief Commercial Officer for Jaunt, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with an exceptional BLADE India team to pursue the launch of a new form of urban air travel in India and the subcontinent region. ur collaboration with BLADE India and our clear path towards aircraft certification means that the Indian public will soon be able to benefit from the development of a new safe, affordable, and accessible mode of transportation”

According to Jaunt, it’s aircraft design will offer the safety, flexibility, comfort, and efficiency benefits of a helicopter combined with those of a fixed wing airplane, at a fraction of the operational and maintenance costs, all with zero emissions and a very low noise profile.

Branching out to electric air mobility has been part of BLADE’s roadmap for several years now, with plans to augment and eventually possibly entirely replace helicopter routes with all-electric vertical aircraft. To this end, it has also made agreements with Beta Technologies, Boeing’s Wisk, Jet Linx, and EmbraerX’s EVE.

Through this partnership, Jaunt and also will work with Blade to help develop the necessary infrastructure and customer-facing experiences for electric air mobility in India. This will include the introduction of charging infrastructure, as well as use Blade’s existing short haul operational routes in India to integrate the Jaunt Journey.

Why it’s important:

With this agreement, BLADE adds yet another eVTOL maker to its ever-growing list of partners. By cornering the existing market for on-demand helicopter transportation, BLADE has made itself the forerunning company for eVTOL operations going forward, as many of its existing routes and operations can be replaced with eVTOL to save on operating and maintenance costs, and increase demand.

In addition, this agreement markes a major partnership for Jaunt Air Mobility, who has been working on the goal of signing commercial operator agreements with transportation providers globally. Jaunt has already also made partnerships in South Korea and Latin America. It’s partnership with Blade is one of its most significant to date, providing the company with clear and high-potential path to market in India.

Source // BLADE Air Mobility, Global NewsWire


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