In a groundbreaking move towards the future of aerial mobility, the United States announced on May 16th the formation of a dedicated team tasked with establishing a comprehensive national strategy for the integration of flying air taxis into the transportation ecosystem. This initiative ultimately aims to transform the way many people commute, reducing congestion and providing faster and more efficient transportation options.

The new team, composed of experts from NASA, the Transportation Security Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Communications Commission, will collaborate closely with other government agencies, industry leaders, and stakeholders to define the regulatory framework, safety standards, infrastructure requirements, and operational guidelines for the deployment of eVTOL air taxis across the United States.

As reported in the press release issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation, this initiative aligns with the government’s vision of fostering innovation and emerging technologies to address the challenges of urban transportation. By bringing together key players from both the public and private sectors, the team will work towards shaping a sustainable and accessible aerial mobility ecosystem.

Through this announcement, the DOT has stated that it’s first goal is to work with the public and stakeholders to understand “ the critical issues of importance in drafting a national AAM strategy”. In particular, they seek to develop a multi-step plan for the 2 year, 4-8 year, and 8 year plus marks to overcome barriers and assist in integrating this new mode of transportation into existing networks and cities.

This announcement follows several headlines from major airlines like American, United, and Delta, who have announced partnerships to begin operating these new kinds of urban eVTOL aircraft between city centers and airports. Additionally, the U.S government has also already made efforts in partnership with companies like Joby Aviation to help these new aircraft reach certification. Learn more about these partnerships on

Above: Image from Urban Airspace Mapping program chosen by NASA

Why it’s important: The successful integration of air taxis into existing transportation networks will require collaborative efforts from all stakeholders involved. By creating a cohesive national strategy, the U.S. can to streamline the regulatory processes, ensure public safety, and maximize the potential benefits of this emerging technology sooner rather than later.

Although programs have already been established in several departments of the U.S government like the FAA and NASA, this new team announces a overall coordinated team on the national level to begin implementing this technology. The formation of the signals the strength of the Biden Administration’s belief in the potential of this technology.


Source // Reuters, Avfoil

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