GPMS developed a Health & Usage Monitoring System to serve emerging eVTOL applications.

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Vermont-based Beta Technologies is currently developing the second iteration of its eVTOL prototype at their facility in South Burlington. The new prototype will build upon many of the design features seen in the company’s first iteration, the Ava, and we can likely expect a redesigned structure to more closely fit the requirements of various aerial mobility applications. One technology that will certainly be seen in Beta’s next prototype is Foresight, a Next Generation Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) designed specifically for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

GPMS Foresight MXForesight is the flagship product of Vermont-based GPMS, and combines advanced sensors and cloud-based software to provide remote monitoring and predictive maintenance capability. The software is designed to give rotorcraft operators the power to “know it before it matters.” Installation of Foresight MX on the Beta platform will enable Beta to reduce operational costs through advanced notification of impending maintenance requirements while adhering to budget, space and weight constraints of operators. Additionally, Beta engineers will be able to remotely monitor their rotorcraft, accessing data and analytics for advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

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The GPMS Foresight MX system provides mechanical diagnostics and prognostics including engine performance monitoring, exceedance monitoring, flight regime recognition, automated data acquisition, and optimization solutions for rotor, track and balance. The Foresight MX computer weighs a fraction of legacy system, provides automatic alerting through email and SMS, and has a user interface accessible through web browser on a laptop, desktop, tablet or cell phone. Beta engineers will be able to monitor their rotorcraft directly, accessing data and analytics for advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance. “eVTOLs share with traditional helicopters the need to understand and continuously evaluate the health and condition of key mechanical systems,” said GPMS CEO and Chief Engineer, Eric Bechhoefer in a press release. “We are excited to enter this market with Beta.”

Why it’s important: GPMS has the technical acumen to provide a condition monitoring system adaptable to a vehicle’s needs at a reasonable price point. As Beta iterates upon its already proven prototype, the new partnership with GPMS could be an immensely valuable launchpad for GPMS to demonstrate its technology. Eventually, Foresight may be integrated with the onboard systems of many other aerial mobility vehicles.

Source // GPMS press release

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