UK-based aerial mobility company Bellwether Industries has begun flight testing of a half-scale prototype of their Volar eVTOL, and will soon release footage. For now, the aircraft is intended for private ownership, and is meant to serve infracity urban travel needs. Bellwether in particular emphasizes the importance of performance, a compact profile, city adaptability, an enclosed propulsion system, and environmental friendliness. 

Representatives from Bellwether state, “We believe that people commuting in the sky is inevitable within the next 10 years. Therefore, we created Volar for anyone to fly anytime and anywhere to any point. The ultimate goal of Bellwether industries is to build a new three-dimensional lifestyle, and to lead the world toward comprehensive urban mobility.”

Fully electric, the full version of the Volar will be designed to reach speeds of 220 kph (135 mph) with a range of about 60-90 minutes, and will have a seating capacity of 4-5. So far, Bellwether intends to market the Volar to private ownership customers, but the eVTOL could potentially see uses in many other applications as well.

Bellwether’s Volar eVTOL

Many details about the Volar have not yet been released, but Bellwether has indicated that in addition to previously stated capabilities, the Volar will have a maximum takeoff weight of 600 kg (1320 lb), and will initially be priced at roughly the cost of a luxury jet. 

Bellwether’s Volar eVTOL

Why it’s important: Bellwether is one of the latest companies to debut its modern solution to current transportation issues in urban environments. With a sleek design and exciting intended capabilities, Bellwether’s Volar could be a notable personal aircraft within the next decade.

Source // New Atlas

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