Avy’s Aera is a long-endurance VTOL drone designed for lifesaving BVLOS missions.

Avy is a ‘wing drones for good’ company, pioneering in innovative aircraft technology for the transition to sustainable aviation and focusing on life-saving missions. Avy is a Dutch manufacturer winged drones, which combine the vertical take-off capability of a drone with an airplane’s efficiency in horizontal flight, thus enabling beyond visual lines of sight delivery. Avy drones are used for applications such as first response operations, medical deliveries, nature conservation purposes and search & rescue.

Avy will launch its “lifesaving wing drone” this week (December 4th – 6th) at the Amsterdam Drone Week. During the exhibition, the company will be giving live flight demonstrations in the drone arena on each day, and will be on display in the showcase area. Founder Mr Patrique Zaman will also host a talk on Urban Air Mobility.


The Aera is designed for beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) missions and features modular payload capabilities, integrated avionics, and redundant communications. The aircraft will be used, amongst other things, in the Medical Drone Service pilot project, launched earlier this week. The Medical Drone Service will investigate safe and reliable transport of blood products and medicines between blood banks and hospitals over the next three years.


We use drone technology to have a positive impact on the world by saving lives. Avy flies autonomously and can cover long distances thanks to its wings, and can transport packages of 1.5 kilos in cold chain conditions. We took to the air because we don’t want road traffic to slow us down, and we have the possibility to reach our destination in a straight line. Avy is a ‘wing drones for good’ company and produces zero emissions. You may just call it the superhero of this new technological era.

– Mr. Patrique Zaman, Founder of Avy

Avy also recently announced a partnership with Auterion, an open-source based operating system for enterprise drone. The Avy Aera drone will leverage the complete Auterion software platform, including the operating system, Auterion Enterprise PX4, the Auterion Ground Station software for flight planning, and Auterion Insights for flight, safety, and compliance management.

Why it’s important: Avy’s attention to current and future regulations will ultimately be a determining factor in the Aera’s success and ability to carry out its mission. The drone is designed to meet the latest EU regulations and with a range of over 100 km carrying cargo or sensor payloads up to 1,5 kg, and is equipped with onboard redundant communication links (RF, LTE, Satlink) and ADS-B transponder. As mentioned, Avy Aera is able to operate BVLOS and is compliant with the upcoming EASA regulations, by following the SORA framework.

Source // Avy


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