Rendering of AutoFlight’s V1500 in flight

After successfully flight testing its four-passenger aircraft in November of 2021, Chinese eVTOL developer AutoFlight has established a partnership with Augsburg Airport in Germany.

AutoFlight’s V1500 aircraft prototype boasts impressive statistics, having already undergone flight tests in early November of 2021. The aircraft features a fixed wing to provide a flight range of 250 km (155 miles), and an airframe that allows it to cruise at 200 km/h (124 mph). The final version, which will be called the Prosperity I, will carry four passengers plus a pilot with a payload capacity of 3,307 lb.

Steadily, the company has been making more and more progress, having announced that it reached $100 million in investments during its Series A fundraising campaign.

Now, AutoFlight has officially announced a partnership with Augsburg Airport in Germany. Although the company is headquartered in China, its new partnership with Augsburg will allow it to both build and test its aircraft at the German airport. With these efforts, AutoFlight hopes to gets its Prosperity I aircraft certified with EASA (the European Aviation Safety Administration) by 2025.

According to AutoFlight, this partnership is meant to demonstrate the company’s intention for global expansion. Said Mark R. Henning, a former Airbus manager who recently joined the AutoFlight team in Europe, “We are bringing aircraft construction back to Augsburg, creating a high-tech location and jobs as we create a completely new market segment for air taxis. “

Henning also mentioned that he especially likes AutoFlight’s aircraft concept for its ‘lift and cruise’ configuration, which uses fixed upward facing and rearward facing propellers rather than tilting ones in order to simplify the transition from vertical to forward flight. Said Henning, “Simplicity translates into safety and efficiency.”

AutoFlight’s V1500 prototype at a technology exhibition

Why it’s Important: With this announcement, AutoFlight continues to grow towards becoming a leading eVTOL mobility global presence. While other Chinese aerial mobility companies like Xpeng and EHang have also made major progress in the aerial mobility field, AutoFlight tackles a unique market thanks its aircraft’s fixed wing, which differentiates it by allowing it to travel for greater ranges than competing Chinese eVTOLs. Keep an eye on AutoFlight as it continues to grow towards its goal of becoming a global leader in mid-range air mobility.

Posted by Benji