Australia’s Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government has released $18M in grants under the first round of the New and Emerging Aviation Technology Partnerships in early November.

“The Emerging Aviation Technology Partnerships Program will ensure our aviation sector remains at the forefront of innovation as it continues to develop and grow, particularly with renewed focus on achieving net zero carbon emissions”, said Minister Catherine King.

This Grant makes it clear that there is strong policy support for aerial mobility in Australia and supports the eVTOL development roadmap issued by CASA to guide the future deployment and rollout of aerial mobility services in Australia.

Companies like Skyportz are seeking to capitalize on this new fund, having worked over the past 4 years to encourage the development of Advanced Air Mobility policy at all levels of Government, particularly in the space of essential vertiport infrastructure.

Skyportz has over 400 potential sites owned by property partners that are interested in licensing for operation of said sites as vertiports.

“The key to this industry is breaking the nexus between aviation and existing airports. We need to develop a network of new vertiport sites if the industry is to reach its potential and Skyportz is readying the landscape to partner with infrastructure investors”, said Skyportz CEO Clem Newton-Brown.

Why it’s important: Australia’s CASA budget for continued eVTOL development supports the future growth of aerial mobility in Australia and provides a monetary incentive for companies considering entry to the space. Additionally, the monetary incentive will also attract land owners and those in commercial real estate to more seriously consider their holdings as potential opportunities for aerial mobility usage.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz