August 30 and 31st will feature Australia’s Advanced Aerial Mobility summit, hosted by the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems in Melbourne, Australia.

The Inaugural AAM Summit occurred last year as a virtual event. In 2022, the Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems’ AAM Summit has returned with a hybrid option, providing attendees the ability to participate in speaker talks and roundtables both virtually and in-person.

The Summit will attract a diverse range of speakers to explore Australia’s opportunities and challenges in adopting this innovative mode of transport and foster a collaborative environment where best practices can be leveraged by respective attendees.

The Summit will feature a broad array of focus areas, including:

  • Why Australia? –  Strategic context for AAM
  • What’s already in place to enable the emerging industry?
  • Where are the gaps?
  • Government setting Policy and Regulation
  • Updates from leading eVTOL / eSTOL manufacturers
  • Emerging AAM applications – benefits, viability and social acceptance
  • Environmental benefits of transition to electric aviation
  • Development of a local AAM sector (skills, jobs R&D, advanced manufacturing)
  • Improving supply chain efficiency, capability and resilience
  • AAM stimulating new regional market opportunities and regional development
  • AAM supporting emerging technology to reinvigorate regional aviation and GA
  • Future infrastructure requirements to enable AAM / UAM
  • Build greater community awareness of the emerging AAM / UAM sector and the potential economic, social, and environmental benefits it can offer

Why it’s important: Australia has intentionally developed an increasing aerial mobility presence over the past decade, both through state funded initiatives and via OEM’s and startups within the country and region testing and refining their technology beyond Australia, to include locations in Europe, Africa, and Asia. This development has traditionally focused on unmanned aerial systems serving logistical, EMS, and survey applications across Australia.

Increasingly, the focus has started to shift from unmanned systems to passenger carrying unmanned systems. The Australian AAM Summit will allow players from around the world to come together and leverage the progress in a different regulatory and operational landscape to European and North American developments to bridge the gap between the current technology state and the desired end goal. The cross-pollination of ideas and networking opportunities at the conference will also provide additional awareness of the progress of Australian AAM efforts to date.

Link to more information, event registration, and schedule:

Posted by Naish Gaubatz