CASA, the Civil Air Safety board of Australia, recently disclosed their timeline for the advancement of aerial mobility. Companies such as Skyportz in Australia are making moves to be well positioned for the future expansion of some of the aerial mobility use cases defined in the timeline.

Pip Spence, CEO of CASA, said of the released white paper: “we brought in RPAS legislation ahead of many other countries and we continued to sharpen our focus on emerging technology over the years. We are committed to advancing these pioneering technologies and see this roadmap as a priority as we  frame the future of Australian aviation.”

The announcement builds on the New and Emerging Aviation Technologies white paper, which is supported by a $32.6M grant fund. This fund is open to both local and international companies wanting assistance to trial, test and bring their activities to Australian shores. 

Skyportz is the sole vertiport firm in Australia, and has been working for 4 years to encourage the development of Advanced Air Mobility policy at all levels of Government, particularly in the space of essential vertiport  infrastructure. 

“We were one of the industry players that was invited to contribute to this CASA timeline document and we are so pleased with the clarity this will provide to the industry”, said Clem Newton-Brown, CEO of Skyportz. 

Skyportz has over 400 potential sites owned by property partners wanting to get a  first mover advantage in this emerging industry. 

Why it’s important: Local relations and an established footprint are crucial components of any successful vertiport campaign, and companies such as Skyports are establishing inroads in the locales where there are few competitors. Some aerial mobility OEMs are working to vertically integrate vertiport infrastructure, with varied degrees of success. In many OEMs’ home countries, integration and vertiport construction efforts are quite efficient, but political and private partnerships in other locations will require more coordination and challenge the two camps (horizontal and vertical integration) of the infrastructure of aerial mobility.

Learn more about the roadmap here:

Posted by Naish Gaubatz