Earlier this year, both ASX (formerly known as Aerospace X) and Transcend Air announced that they will partner with VerdeGo to develop their vehicle’s propulsion systems.

VerdeGo Aero

A visual of VerdeGo Aero’s IDEP system.        

Until September of last year, VerdeGo had planned to make its own VTOL aircraft. The company then pivoted to providing IDEP (integrated distributed electric propulsion) systems to other aircraft makers. Since then, it has successfully partnered with both ASX and Transcend Air.

“VerdeGo Aero’s IDEP systems enable forward-thinking aircraft manufacturers such as ASX MOBi-One to apply electric propulsion options to high-performance VTOL aircraft. ASX’s adoption of our first generation hybrid IDEP platform will smooth the path to a fully battery electric VTOL solution, once those options become viable”–Eric Bartsch, COO of VerdeGo Aero.


The ASX MOBi-One aircraft

VerdeGo was co-founded by none other than Erik Lindbergh, grandson of Charles Lindberg, who made history with the world’s first solo transatlantic flight in 1927. VerdeGo made the transition from making its own eVTOL to providing propulsion systems upon seeing a need in the market for a company purely focused on propulsion.

VerdeGo Aero's original PAT200 design

VerdeGo Aero’s original PAT200 design

With VerdeGo’s technology, ASX hopes to ensure that it will have a “clear roadmap of propulsion variants of the MOBi well into the future”.  Similar to ASX, Transcend Air hopes that VerdeGo will help the company to “enable a new family of aircraft that deliver a variety of mission capabilities, with increased efficiency and sustainability.” VerdeGo has also partnered another aspiring VTOL developer, Seyer Industries.

Transcend Air

Transcend Air’s Vy400 aircraft

Both ASX and Transcend Air are focused on making larger-size eVTOls for both intracity and intercity travel. Additional information on both companies can be found on TransportUP’s hangar page.

Why it’s important: VerdeGo Aero is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading producers/designers of propulsion systems for eVTOLs. While many larger companies are building their propulsion systems in-house, VerdeGo allows for developing companies to outsource this design work, lowering barriers to entry for new companies.

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