Archer has announced plans to ramp up production of its anticipated Midnight production model. According to a company press release, the firm expects to certify Midnight in 2024 and to produce 250 units in 2025.

This production rate will increase to 2,000 vehicles annually or 167 per month with plans to produce 500 units in 2026 and 650 units in 2027.

“We are in the process of developing the infrastructure necessary to manufacture Midnight reliably, at scale, and in a cost effective manner. We continue to expand our portfolio of foundational suppliers that will provide us with critical components for Midnight,” the company said.

“We now have more than 50 percent of our suppliers for our bill-of-materials selected, based on cost, with that being made up of global leaders in the design, development and manufacturing of aircraft components. We are excited by the significant progress we’ve made in securing world-class suppliers for Midnight that will support us in meeting our key design and operational specifications that will deliver on our mission and business objectives,” the company added.

United Airlines, Archer’s largest customer, has already placed a $10m USD pre-payment for 100 eVTOL units, but no other marquee orders have been placed for Midnight against competition with Joby, Wisk, and Vertical Aerospace, among others.

Why it matters: Achieving a production rate of 167 units per month would be an unprecedented rate for the aerospace sector. At their peak Airbus and Boeing produce their most backordered aircraft – the A320 NEO and the 737 MAX – at only 60-75 units per month. To achieve this rate, it would be helpful for Archer to secure several more orders, and take steps to ensure a streamlined supply chain.

Posted by Benji