Salt Lake City, UT – Altaport, a leading developer of airport and heliport automation systems, has announced strategic partnerships with market leaders and innovators in the aerial mobility industry to act as a systems integrator for eVTOL vertiports. These partnerships will enable Altaport to combine multiple critical systems into a single platform, facilitating the safe and efficient handling of high-volume ground operations for eVTOL and cargo drones. The collaborations augment Altaport’s existing system functionalities and reflect the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive vertiport management solutions for the future of electric aviation.

Ultimately, Altaport, in partnership with key service providers, aims to build the future of aerial mobility by serving as a platform for collaboration between public and private entities in the advanced air mobility ecosystem for vertiport infrastructure.

To this end, Altaport will develop a VAS (Vertiport Automation System) product, able to be integrated in Vertiports throughout the world.

Altaport has partnered with key market leaders and innovators in the aerial mobility ecosystem, including TruWeather, Electro.Aero, Fortem,, ResilienX, and Moonware. These partnerships will augment Altaport’s existing system functionalities, which include resource scheduling, ground service provisioning, passenger management, and vehicle charging. The new partners bring expertise in areas such as low altitude micro-weather, ADS-B, FOD detection, airspace incursion sensors, ground handling operations, and charging solutions for the electrified future of air mobility.

Said Robert Carroll, Altaport co-founder: “We are pleased to be working side-by-side with our partners to build the future of mobility. The advanced air mobility ecosystem will require massive coordination between sophisticated public and private entities. Altaport, in partnership with key service providers, has an important role to play as a platform for collaboration.”

Altaport’s current digital tools are currently used by heliport and airport managers worldwide to orchestrate ground operations. In addition to the new partnerships, Altaport also has an existing partnership with Volatus to provide the digital components of their vertiport solutions.

With these strategic partnerships, Altaport is well-positioned to continue developing their advanced Vertiport Automation System (VAS) and prepare infrastructure managers to meet the demands of the budding eVTOL aerial mobility industry.

Why it’s important: Altaport’s VAS system, along with its partners’ technologies, will provide essential functionalities for managing high-volume, highly autonomous ground operations at vertiports, including resource scheduling, ground service provisioning, passenger management, and vehicle charging. These partnerships also provide real-time visibility into factors that affect vertiport operations, such as weather, airspace awareness, and system health monitoring. Altaport’s existing deployment in Brazil and upcoming expansion to Latin America and North America lay the foundation for an advanced air mobility ground infrastructure network to support the launch of eVTOL operations.

Posted by Rajvir Singh