Alauda Aeronautics recently shared that in September the company achieved a first by flying three Speeders in close proximity together in South Australia.

The safety work carried out in order to achieve this milestone event was essential to Airspeeder’s mission of building a flying car motorsport where multiple craft will complete together on the same communication networks. This operational exercise will allow for more experience in close formation and proximity AAV operations which is crucial to the eventual rollout of large scale aerial mobility operations.

Watch Alauda’s video detailing “three speeder operations”:

Alauda sees their mission similar to that of Formula 1’s original technological advancements percolating from race cars to daily drivers, incorporating safety advances that have saved countless lives over the years while serving as the perfect proving grounds for new technologies in a controlled environment.

Why it’s important: Alauda’s three-ship operation of its Airspeeder eVTOLs is an important step for the company as they draw nearer to larger scale airspeeder races and the industry ultimately progresses towards integrated AAV ops. A number of technologies still require significant development in order to enable the necessary ops data for certification and safety evaluation activities, but Alauda’s movement toward more tightly packed eVTOLs in the sky, if only for racing at this time, is still an important step forward in the eVTOL development timeline.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz