Aerial Formula One Racing style company Airspeeder announced their first eVTOL racing pilots which will participate in the EXA racing series, supported by Telstra & AWS on Tuesday.

The announcement came after a historic drag race. The competitors were drawn from backgrounds as broad as elite motor racing and drone racing: 

Emily Duggan joins as Australia’s most successful female racing driver, Zephatali Walsh joins from the Drone Champions League, and Fabio Tischler has captured dynamic FPV content for the world’s leading brands including GoPro, Red Bull and Toyota .

Airspeed mentioned that the first EXA remotely piloted races are scheduled to take place in 2022.

Airspeeder’s eVTOL racing aircraft will soon take place in a series of ground-braking races named the EXA Series. These historic first electric flying car Grand Prix will be competed by the world’s best Speeder pilots and the EXA series will serve as the permanent development formula for the forthcoming Airspeeder crewed electric flying car races.

Why it’s important: The first iteration of piloted eVTOL races for Airspeeder has been years in the making. With this new announcement, the company is launching into their MVP concept for Formula One style aerial racing, leveraging the talents of drivers from different backgrounds. Further, the EXA racing series provides a platform for Airspeeder to showcase their technological developments in the aerial mobility space, and hopefully flow forward some innovations toward both Aerial Mobility spaces and transportation in general, similar to how Formula 1 was largely responsible for many of the safety features in modern-day road vehicles.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz