Airspeeder, an Australian startup that makes a single-seater racing quadcopter, has officially partnered with leading cyber protection firm Acronis for both technical and commercial support in upcoming air races.

Airspeeder, founded by entrepreneur Matt Pearson, has the vision of creating the world’s first electric flying car racing series using its MK4 racers. The company has been working towards this goal for multiple years, and hopes to host the first Airspeeder Grand Prix in 2021. Notably, the company has already received backing from several major investors, including DHL and investment firm Equals.

Rendering of an Airspeeder MK4 in flight

Acronis, a global leader in data solutions and cyber security, will ensure the data security for the LiDAR and Machine Vision technology that will deliver safe close-distance racing. Essentially, ‘virtual force-fields’ will be created around each aircraft to ensure safety against collisions, and Acronis will ensure that these systems remain secure. Acronis will also help to help manage the massive amount of data involved in the air races that will help improve performance and safety in many areas. The partnership with Acronis is especially strategic since Acronis already has experience in data management and security for Formula One auto racing.

“Acronis’ place at the leading edge of innovation in data management perfectly aligns with Alauda and Airspeeder’s vision to accelerate a mobility revolution through close sporting competition. Our proven, integrated approach to providing easy, efficient, reliable and secure cyber protection for all data, applications and systems, will help Airspeeder to enhance their performance on the air track and in the back office. We look forward to delivering on the promise of a true next generation technical and sporting proposition.”  – Jan-Jaap Jager, the Board Advisor and Senior Vice President at Acronis.

Why it’s important: According to Airspeeder, its big-picture mission is to help accelerate the progress of eVTOL technology as a whole through racing competitions. It hopes that introducing this technology to the world in a racing context will accelerate both public acceptance and technological advancement, ‘hasting the arrival of eVTOL aircraft as a means of zero-emission aerial transportation’. This latest partnership with Acronis is especially significant as it adds an extra layer of validity to the upcoming future of air racing.



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