The AIR ONE, a two-seater eVTOL made for private ownership, has completed successful hover tests of a full-scale prototype of the aircraft.

Above: A full-scale prototype of the AIR ONE takes flight in northern Israel

AIR, an Israeli company, has been developing the AIR ONE for several years, with the vision of ‘Making the Ultimate Freedom of Flying Accessible.’ The AIR ONE is one of the few eVTOL aircraft in development designed for private ownership and use. Its small size allows it to fit in the common driveway or garage with its wings folded, while still retaining the ability to take-off and land fully vertically, and fly at about 150 mph for for about 110 miles per flight.

AIR was founded with the intent of making flying more accessible to more people, setting the price tag of its aircraft at about $150,000 USD. The AIR ONE prototype has now successfully completed a hover test after its airworthiness certificate. According to recent press release, the AIR ONE completed multiple hovers throughout the day and the following two weeks, safely lifting off, hovering in place, and returning to the ground, performing optimally in a stable flight envelope.

In the hover test, all of the aircraft’s systems functioned as designed, providing full control and stability. Notably, the AIR ONE’s energy use during flight was exactly as predicted, demonstrating its ability to execute expected performance metrics. AIR plans to expand to full flight envelope testing throughout 2022.

Rani Plaut, CEO & Co-founder of AIR, said, “It was truly awe-inspiring to watch AIR ONE lift off the ground for the first time. We’ve been on this upward journey for nearly five years and cannot wait for the public to join us on this ride. his momentous milestone secures AIR’s spot as a market leader in the personal air mobility space, making the thrill of flight achievable on a daily basis. We look forward to continued growth as we launch into the next phase of development.”

Why it’s Important: This hover flight tests marks significant market leadership for the AIR ONE. While many companies are designing larger aircraft capable of acting as air taxis, The AIR ONE is a leader in the market for private eVTOL ownership. By completing this flight test and certification milestone, the AIR team proves its ability to complete its goals and vision, adding a great deal of extra credibility to its path to market. As the AIR ONE continues to meet production timeline goals, followers can expect an increase in pre-orders and in general interest for the private-use eVTOL market.

Source AIR, Cision PR Newswire


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