AIR and the International SeaKeepers Society have partnered on the use of eVTOL technologies for marine applications. AIR is an Israeli eVTOL maker with a focus on owner-operator aerial mobility. The company launched the AIR ONE at the Kentucky Derby last May and has already accumulated 300 pre-orders. The production model is capable of carrying two passengers or a 250kg payload at speeds up to 155 miles per hour.

AIR is bringing on SeaKeepers as an official brand ambassador and will play a significant role in expanding and enabling the commercialization of AIR ONE with a focus on the yachting community. Incorporating the AIR ONE on yachting expeditions simplifies near-shore commutes on and off the yacht by eliminating the need to carry aviation fuel and a variety of spare parts, removing the obstacle of requiring a professional pilot, and allowing for charging using onboard generators.

“As AIR enters the next stages of growth, we are excited to deliver the value of personal electric flight to additional industries and communities,” said Rani Plaut, CEO and co-founder of AIR. “In addition to helping improve yacht logistics, this partnership enables yachters to add an extra layer of sky-high adventure to sea excursions and is a significant step in our mission to advance air mobility adoption around the world.”

“The eVTOL is a natural addition to yachting missions,” said Jay Wade, Chairman of SeaKeepers. “AIR ONE specifically is a no-brainer for yachters looking for an environmentally friendly, easy-to-integrate flight option to elevate their yacht experience, literally and figuratively.”

AIR has already completed hover and forward flight tests of its AIR ONE prototype and is planning to start deliveries in late 2024.

Why it matters: Business aviation has many synergies with the yachting community and this partnership between an eVTOL maker and a marine non-profit is the first of its kind. With the implementation of electric, emission free travel with the use of eVTOLs, yacht owners will be able to complete sea to land missions with new capabilities and without the limitations of conventional helicopters.

Posted by Ross Piscoran