Adacel, a global expert in advanced air traffic control solutions, has recently announced the opening of a new office in Estonia, furthering the country’s expansion in Europe for its virtual air traffic management solutions.

Above: One of Adacel’s Virtual Air Traffic Control solutions in action

Adacel is a long-standing provider of advanced air traffic control products and services, in commercial operation since 1987. According to the company, more than 21% of the world’s airspace is managed with Adacel’s Aurora ATM software. Now, as Adacel looks into the future of these technologies, it has opened a new office in Tallinn, Estonia.

Adacel’s expertise lies in creating digital air traffic control solutions. Currently, it’s most up-and coming product is REVAL, a virtual air-traffic control tower that allows air traffic controllers to manage airspace remotely. These ‘remote tower operations’ allow for remote single-tower management of air traffic control in medium-sized airports. Each system includes technologies for managing communication, navigation, and surveillance, all in order to provide the benefits of an on-site tower with a more cost-effective approach.

The company’s new office in Tallin is a direct result of its virtual ATC tower acquisition and development. The new office will focus exclusively growing Adacel’s virtual ATC business, while working in close collaboration with Estonian Air Navigation Services to deliver its vision of fully digitizing Estonia’s regional airports by 2025.

Said Daniel Verret, Adacel’s CEO, “Adacel’s mission is to leverage our industry expertise with the infinite potential of technology to advance safety and efficiency in aviation. With the opening of our new office in Tallinn, Estonia, we are committed to carry out our vision with the new team.”

Above: Autonomous aerial mobility developer Ehang’s virtual air traffic control center, which looks similar to a larger-scale version of Adacel’s remote ATC towers.

Why it’s important: While Adacel currently hasn’t announced any specifics regarding airspace management for urban aerial mobility aircraft like eVTOL, the company is clearly dedicated to staying at the cutting-edge of aviation and air traffic management innovations. As eVTOL aircraft begin to commercialize and their operation numbers grow, there will certainly be great need for technologies that allow controllers to efficiently manage high volumes of these aircraft in dense urban areas. Adacel, as a premier global provider in this field, would be well positioned to begin creating these intelligent solutions.

Source // Adacel, Ehang


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