A.L.I Technologies, a new aerial mobility developer based in Tokyo, has released images and footage of its new ‘XTURISMO’ Hoverbike. The single-seater, open-cockpit aircraft is designed to ride like a flying motorcycle, and can cruise at speeds up to 60mph for about 40 minutes of continuous flight time per charge.

Image of the XTURISMO Hoverbike in flight

The XTURISMO has already been flight tested, and has even already performed a manned demonstration flight during a presentation of the aircraft at the Fuji Speedway Racecourse in Japan. According to A.L.I, the XTURISMO is the first in a series of aircraft that the company will produce which will be aimed at providing transportation in areas with limited infrastructure, emergency services during disasters, and simply pure recreation.

Said Daisuke Katano, A.L.I’s President and Representative Director, “We will enable the emergency use of hoverbikes in times of disaster, and at the same time, promote the use of hoverbikes in entertainment in times of non-emergency. In order to implement this technology in society, we feel the need to first develop regulations and foster general recognition (social acceptability). We will develop this technology as an industry that can contribute to society.”

A.L.I. CEO Daisuke Katano (left) poses with the Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture Kotaro Nagasaki

In addition to the XTURISMO Hoverbike, A.L.I is also focused on developing the aerial mobility industry as a whole within Japan. To this end, it is creating an aerial mobility airspace management software it calls C.O.S.M.O.S, and has also begun partnerships with prefectures in Japan to initiate aerial mobility in those spaces. According to the company, its goal is to use its products to ‘promote the social implementation of air mobility in compliance with local regulations and in consideration of the safety of local residents.’

The XTURISMO itself is already available for pre-order, and is scheduled to begin delivery in the first half of 2022.

Why it’s important: With aerial mobility continually growing as a globally recognized industry, more and more companies and organizations are investing their efforts into developing unique solutions for various market segments. While the A.L.I Hoverbike is not the first Hoverbike or single-seater eVTOL the world has seen (other similar aircraft include the LIFT HEXA, the Hoversurf Scorpion, Assen Aero’s A1 and the recently flight-tested Jetson One PAV), it represents yet another country’s extension into this key sector of the aerial mobility space. Expect to see more companies like A.L.I releasing new products as the world turns its attention even more on this new industry.

Source // A.L.I Technologies

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