The Commercial UAV Expo 2023 is introducing an Advanced Airspace Summit this year. Taking place on September 6, 2023, at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, this summit aims to create a pathway between crewed and uncrewed aviation, fostering trust and collaboration within the airspace community.

Jeremiah Karpowicz, Group Editorial Director at Diversified Communications, underlined the importance of building trust across the aviation spectrum, stating, “Commercial UAV Expo is working to bridge that gap and create trust within the entirety of the airspace community, including the general public.”

The Advanced Airspace Summit includes two panel sessions that will focused on two questions shaping aerial mobility’s future:

Part I: Cultivating Public Trust – The summit starts by exploring public readiness for the future airspace, leading into discussions on building trust through airspace deconfliction and the influence of current drone corridors on the future airspace landscape.

Part II: Establishing Regulatory and Operational Frameworks – Regulation takes center stage, with experts discussing working within existing FAA frameworks to advance UAM & UAS operations. A panel also examines the role of people, processes, and policies in drone, cargo, and air taxi operations.

The Advanced Airspace Summit holds importance as a platform for stakeholders to collaboratively shape a secure aviation future. Toni Drummond, President US of Titan Aviation Global, succinctly emphasized, “The next revolution of sustainable aviation will depend on all stakeholders working together to develop solutions that will carry us directly into the future.”

Why it’s important: With the countdown to the Commercial UAV Expo 2023 underway, the industry eagerly anticipates the practical insights, strategies, and collaborations that will help advance aerial mobility and aviation. The Advanced Airspace Summit will help to facilitate those discussions and move the industry forward.

Posted by Naish Gaubatz