Uber Elevate’s Summit 2018 Day 1 is winding down – here’s a quick overview of the biggest announcements and news from the day:

Uber announced their partnership with Karem Aircraft, and unveiled an eVTOL dubbed the “Butterfly”:

Butterfly Collaboration eVTOL

Embraer Released their EmbraerX concept:

EmbraerX Concept

Pipistrel also released a concept eVTOL that will be part of a “family” of eVTOL aircraft:

Pipistrel Concept

E-one Moli will collaborate with key industry players to develop battery packs for eVTOLS:


ChargePoint revealed a 2 MW eVTOL charging adapter that has roughly the same capacity as future truck chargers:

ChargePoint Concept Connector System

To summarize the event, Jeff Holden, Uber’s Chief Product Officer stated: “Today, Uber’s annual Elevate Summit took flight to showcase the aviation industry’s advancements on many fronts needed to make uberAIR a reality by 2023. This includes multiple vehicle designs, new battery technology, manufacturing improvements and the ‘operating system’ that will enable safe, precise, environmentally friendly operations at scale and allow cities to radically improve their transit networks. This gargantuan effort to ‘push a button and get a flight’ can only be accomplished through close partnership across the public and private sectors, and that’s exactly what Elevate Summits are all about.”

Wednesday Preview

Day 2 of Elevate Summit 2018 has three tracks:

  • Track 1: Vehicles & Battery
  • Track 2: Airspace & Ops
  • Track 3: Moving Cities

Each track will have dedicated speakers and panels to discuss each of the respective disciplines moving forward in the flying car industry. Some speakers and panels of note:

  • Elevate Airspace Systems – Tom Prevot, Director of Engineering, Airspace Systems, Uber Elevate
  • Speaker Series: A Simplified Cockpit Experience – featuring a number of test pilots and regulators, this panel should touch on the importance of defining a simplified cockpit and the advantages of this configuration during the transition from manned to unmanned aerial transportation systems.

For a full overview and schedule of Elevate Summit 2018, go here.


  • Embraer
  • Pipistrel
  • Uber
  • Molicel
  • ChargePoint
  • Karem Aircraft

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