This week’s Uber Elevate conference in Washington D.C was a hallmark event for the entire Urban Aviation industry. With a plethora¬† of new announcements, Uber continues to lead the charge forward for Urban Air Mobility.

Uber made several major announcements of new partnerships, designs, and technologies.
Here’s what we’ve identified as the most important, all readable on TransportUP:

Uber Releases Standardized Cabin for Use in Future Air Taxis

In collaboration with Safran Cabin, Uber has built a prototype of the interior it plans to implement in its future air taxis, for any vehicle.

Uber Air Taxi Cabin


Uber Elevate Announces Melbourne, Australia as Third Pilot City

Together on stage with representatives from the Australian government, Uber Elevate revealed this week that Elevate has selected Melbourne as its third city to pilot Uber Air flights.

Uber Air in Melbourne


Uber Unveils Jaunt Air Mobility as a New Network Partner

Long in the shadows, Jaunt Air Mobility, which acquired rights to the ‘Carter Copter’ last February, has been announced as Uber’s sixth eVTOL network partner.Uber Elevate Jaunt Air Mobility


AT&T and Uber Parter for Urban Air Mobility 5G Connectivity

For a data and tech company like Uber, having flawless internet access in the air is essential both to operations and to the customer experience. Together, AT&T and Uber have a multi-phase plan to begin supporting the future aerial mobility network.

Uber Air and AT&T

Uber Elevate Reveals New SkyPort Concepts, and Multiple Partnerships for Ground Operations.

Sixteen new designs have been unveiled by U.S architecture firms for SkyPorts in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Melbourne. Uber also announced its partnership with Related Companies, a major ‘global real estate and lifestyle company’ in the U.S , as well as with Signature Flight Support for ground operations and customer service.

Uber Air SkyPort


EmbraerX and Pipistrel Unveil New eVTOL Designs

EmbraerX and Pipistrel have both released images and specifications of their new eVTOL designs, both of which have competitive performance standards preparing to meet the needs for urban aviation.

Uber Air EmbraerX Pipisterel

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