Woburn, MA based flying car manufacturer Terrafugia announced on Tuesday that it’s expanding its workforce and creating 130 new US jobs. Terrafugia has added 75 persons to its workforce during the last 12 months, and their press release states that at least another 50 will be added by the end of the year.

Terrafugia is owned by Geely Holdings (see our article on this relationship here). Geely’s commitment to enabling the expansion of operations and industrial footprint of Terrafugia is boasting the flying car company’s progress towards their TF-X concept.

Why it’s important: This announcement is important because adding personnel is an indicator of progress and growth within Terrafugia. On a larger scale, the increased funding in the flying car and taxi industry is bolstering progress like never before and allowing manufacturers to release themselves from cost and development constraints.


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