The Specification for Express Delivery Service by Unmanned Aircraft (the “Standard”) issued by the State Post Bureau of the People’s Republic of China will be effective in the country starting on January 1st, 2021. The Standard was jointly formulated by industry-leading players including EHang (Nasdaq: EH), (Nasdaq: JD), and ZTO Express (NYSE: ZTO). As China’s first industry standard for express delivery service by unmanned aircraft, the implementation of the Standard is of great significance for improving last-mile delivery service, ensuring the safety of operations, and promoting the development of aerial logistics for the eventual passenger aerial mobility industry.

An EHang Delivery Drone being tested

The Standard is applicable to express delivery services by unmanned aircraft with a maximum empty aircraft weight of 116kg (255 lbs), a maximum takeoff weight of 150kg (330 lbs) , and an airspeed of no greater than 100km/h (62mph). Moreover, it specifies the service entities, conditions, procedures, assessments, safety issues and compensation of express delivery by unmanned aircrafts, which provides a standard reference for postal express companies and drone operators to engage in drone delivery services.

An EHang Drone works with DHL Cargo in to execute a delivery as part of a partnership that has been established between the two companies

As one of the world’s leading autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) technology platform companies and an aerial mobility industry pioneer, EHang has proprietarily developed a complete suite of intelligent aerial logistics solutions, including the EH216L heavy-lift AAV for short-to-medium-haul aerial transport, the Falcon medium-sized AAV for urban express delivery, the unmanned aircraft systems, take-off and landing control sites and intelligent self-express service machines. With abundant operating experience, service workflow and practical data, EHang made significant contribution to the groundbreaking for the Standard based on its industry expertise and valuable insights.

The EHang 216L, capable of autonomously carrying up to 200kg (440 lbs).

Why it’s important: With the implementation of this Standard, EHang will continue to accelerate regular operations of its intelligent AAV technologies for aerial logistics, and provide customized solutions for clients from various sectors including logistics, retail, e-commerce and more. Establishing this infrastructure and setting a standard for unmanned vehicles will help lay the groundwork for EHang’s eventual passenger aerial mobility services.

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