In a recent panel Friday at the Myriad Festival in Brisbane, Shark Tank’s Steve Baxter made some outspoken comments on the future of flying cars, and informed the public as the Chief Entrepreneur of Queensland that flying cars will happen, and will be in Australia within 10 years.

Here’s some of the (notable) commentary:

On the timeline for flying cars in Australia: “The question is, do we have them one year after LA or 10 years after LA.

On convincing the public of their safety: “The hard part is convincing people we will have 10,000 of these things flying above our heads and less of us will die in transport because of it,” he said.

Steve Baxter also added that flying cars and taxis would allow people to live up to 150 kilometers away from their work, but commute in less than 30 minutes.

On regulatory agencies: “We need to smash CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) and say get out of our way.”

On government permissions: “We don’t need the government’s permission to do this, we really don’t.

On the future of growth: “This is the best chance for us to have an amazing entrepreneurial reaction to a real problem which is mobility.”

Why it’s important: Steve Baxter joins the group of proponents for eVTOL’s be arguing that the rate of technological progression and ease of access and increase of mobility represent such a large benefit that the cost of government approvals and working with regulators to certify such a project aren’t large enough barriers to warrant second thoughts on continuing to progress the industry.


  • Brisbane Times
  • Image // Kittyhawk Aero

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