Paragon VTOL Aerospace, a multi-national VTOL maker, has recently adopted solutions from Siemens Digital Industries in order to expedite and improve their product development process. 

Paragon VTOL's T21 Raptor

Paragon VTOL’s T21 Raptor

As part of Siemens’ new Aerospace Startup Program, the company is providing an integrated set of software solutions for Paragon VTOL Aerospace to design, test, produce, and monitor both current and future drone designs. With this partnership, Paragon intends to reduce both time and cost for their product development process, and more quickly bring their products to market. According to Paragon VTOL founder Dwight Smith, “Our vision is to provide a portfolio of intellectual property, industry specific drones, human passenger drones, and virtual highway platforms in Jamaica”.

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“We currently have plans to implement software and hardware programs in 2019 and begin testing two to four passenger drones by year-end 2019.”

Paragon Aerospace’s specialty lies in providing industry-specific drone hardware which could be used for security, law enforcement, or general transportation. The company is also currently involved with Aerotropolis Jamaica, a Jamaican government project lead by the Hon. L. Michael Henry in the Office of the Prime Minister, where their focus is to build and maintain an ecosystem and infrastructure for UAM in Jamaica.

paragon t21 raptor

“Our T21 Raptor is designed for universal applications based on industry requirements. We have successfully operated our third small scale prototype and developing a full scale to clear a path for commercialization.”

For Siemens, the goal is to partner with new businesses in aerospace emerging technology markets, provide market-leading CAD and CAE software solutions, and help startups embrace digitalization in product development. Siemens Director of Aerospace & Defense Bobby Blackmon said: “The aerospace industry is changing rapidly… Companies like Paragon are bringing new, emerging technology to market and changing the way we view the world. Siemens is proud to provide solutions from our market-leading Digital Innovation Platform to Paragon as part of our Aerospace Start-up Program.”

paragon t21 raptor

Visit Paragon VTOL’s site here.

Visit Siemens’ site here.

Why it’s important: The importance of modern and efficient software in the aerospace industry is rising with the growing UAM market. To provide quick, safe, and efficient flight services, especially in urban areas, companies like Siemens involved with the UAM industry must implement up-to-date software solutions in their designs, especially if in the future autonomous flight services become the staple mode of transportation. 

Source // Paragon VTOL Aerospace

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