The Texas based eVTOL developer Astro Aerospace has established a partnership with German company Kasaero, which specializes in lightweight design, composites, and certifications.

Astro Aerospace’s AA360 has reached the pre-order stage. Company stock is available on the public stock market. The AA360 features sixteen rotors, full autonomy, and an interior designed for 360-degree visibility.

In May, Astro Aerospace recently acquired Passenger Drone, as well as hired drone expert and CEO of Uavionix Paul Beard. In June, it also partnered with American company Patterson Composites, which will be manufacturing the parts for the aircraft.

This week, it announced its partnership with Kasaero, which plans to create an unmanned version of the AA360 meant for carrying cargo in urban areas. Astro Aerospace commented, “Kasaero is an aviation R&D company specializing in lightweight design, composite technology and certification.”

Kasaero’s JS1 Revelation

Why it’s important: Astro Aerospace’s choice to partner with Kasaero could mean that Astro intends to attain international certification for its aircraft. It is likely they are planning on targeting a German and European market as well as the U.S.


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